How to stop hackers targeting you - Wangle VPN

If you’ve seen any type of news site in the last few years, you’ll have come across stories about hackers.

The stories range from the simple, where people are targeted by scammers pretending to be someone or something they are not and getting people to provide sensitive, usually financial, information to the more widespread and potentially life threatening, like hacking military installations.

Hackers are a fact of modern, online life. What we do to protect ourselves from them is a bit like the types of things we do when getting a car – put on seatbelts, check before pulling away from the curb and so on. This is where Wangle VPN comes in to act as the seatbelt, airbag and crash avoidance system all in one.

Here’s six things you can do to protect yourself from hackers:

1. If you don’t have a VPN, we’d strongly advise you get one!

2. Try to limit the use of free wifi hotspots as they are rarely as secure as they should be, and only ever use them through your VPN

3. When travelling overseas, make sure your VPN is running at all times, providing you the same level of protection as when you are at home

4. Don’t assume that because you have blocking and anti-virus software you are safe from attack – there’s a whole dark corner of the internet dedicated to finding ways to beat this software

5. Never give out credit card details whilst on open networks – hackers have created ways to read keystrokes (the letter and numbers you type) without you even realising they have access to your computer remotely

6. Make sure your friends have VPNs too before using their wifi!

It’s not a comprehensive list of ways to protect yours from hackers, but it will make sure you are less likely to get hacked when there are so many other easy targets available.