Going on an overseas family holiday? Make sure you pack a VPN

If you’re anything like the team at Wangle, a family holiday these days means packing multiple mobile devices and chargers as essentials to keep in touch with each other and with friends back home. But how do you keep yourself safe online when you’re in a different country?

There are many options available for international travellers and their mobile and data needs, but most lack sophisticated security. 

Have a think about the types of things you are doing on mobile devices when you travel internationally – looking up itineraries, booking events using credit card details, messaging details about where you are going to be and when, uploading photos and locations. All of these actions are targets for hackers looking to steal information and use it for criminal purposes. 

A VPN can provide your best defence against these types of intrusions as it provides its own network, regardless of where you are in the world (in most cases). Using the same technology as when it's keeping you safe at home, a VPN seamlessly accesses a trusted network in the region you are visiting. Provided you have you VPN switch on, you’ll be as safe as if you were in your own lounge room.

It’s all about keeping you and your family safe online, no matter where you are the world.